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Tobar, Inc.

Seals for IndustrySeals

Oil Seals
Over 20,000 Tools
Technical Support
Low Cost Tooling
Over 150 Compounds
Large Diameter Seals
Pressure Seals
PTFE Lip Seals
Transmission Seals
Power Steering Seals
Agriculture Seals
WPB Wipers

Oil Seal Related Products
Valve Stem Seals
V Rings
Gamma Rings (R and 9R designs)
Wear Sleeves

Custom Molding
Speed to Market Programs
Standard and Special Compounds

Rubber to Metal
Bonded Seals
Self Centering Seals
Thread Seals
Rubber to Metal Gaskets
Reverse Engineering

Standard 568-A Series
Metric Series
JIS B 2401 Series G, P, S, V
X Ring Design
Special Size and Cross Sections
Standard and Special Compounds

Special Products
Machined PTFE, Filled/Unfilled
Kitting (OEM/Aftermarket)
Injected Molded Plastic Parts
Urethane Molded Products

A leading supplier of oil seals, o-rings and more.
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