Rubber Metal Products

Tobar and our global manufacturers have supplied world class rubber bonded to metal products since 1987. We have the capability and experience to help our customers evaluate types of metals, elastomers, bonding agents, and bonding methods as the seal is developed for production or aftermarket requirements.

Tobar “in house” development laboratory is supported by our technical laboratory including our FTIR and non contact inspection equipment. As samples are submitted through our detailed ISIR submittal or as part of an on going PPAP process we strongly recommend rubber bonded to metal product be completely tested and approved by our customer before production release.

The 600 and 2000 series show some of the rubber bonded to metal products we are capable of supplying. These products may require complex tooling, longer than average lead times, and thus, an emphasis on creating the right product the first time. We encourage you to let us help you with your next rubber bonded to metal application, so you to can, “Relax you are in for a smooth ride with Tobar”.