Crossword Game 1

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Instructions: If the answer is in red, it’s incorrect. If the answer is in green, it’s correct. Once all the answers are correct, you will be able to submit your entry.

1. Caused by mechanical action such as scraping, rubbing, or erosion.
2. A natural or synthetic material used for shaft seals.
3. The ability of the sealing lip to maintain contact with the shaft despite vibrations or dynamic runout.
4. A helically coiled wire formed into a ring and used in a shaft seal to help maintain contact between the sealing lip and the shaft.
5. The cylindrical surface machined into the housing to mate with the outside diameter of a shaft seal.
6. Molded into the sealing lip on the air side to force fluid weepage back under the lip.
7. The difference between the diameter of the sealing lip and the diameter of the shaft to be sealed.
8. Small spiral grooves in the shaft surface finish due to improper lathe machining.
9. Microscopic pores that develop on a shaft seal's elastomeric sealing lip at the point of contact.
10. The type of grinding that is the preferred method for finishing the surface of a shaft.