PTFE Lip Seal

The extraordinary properties of PTFE when blended with fillers, give PTFE Lip Seals superior performance and long seal life. The benefits of these seals are that they operate in applications that require, wide temperature ranges (-65F to 325F), increased RPM’s and pressure, low coefficients of friction, and can handle a wide range of chemicals.

Our PTFE Crimped design experience ranges from chemical pumps, to timing gears, to rear main seals. We are involved from the development phase to shipping production parts. Our history of successful outcomes can help determine the correct PTFE seal for a specific requirement.

Our factory run tests have proven valuable to help our customers make decisions as to the lip profile and case design. Our current Lip Seal profiles are limited but, we offer a unique blend of “crimped” and “bonded” designs developed and tested that will meet most requirements. We found that the difference between the designs offers no functional benefit but is one of customer preference.

There are some precautions that need to be taken when specifying PTFE Lip Seals. Lips can be easily damaged, so a plastic or cardboard insert is normally used to protect lips and guard against installation damage. As the sealing dynamics are different with the PTFE Lip Seals, additional consideration should be given to the shaft hardness and roughness needed for optimum performance.